How a newspaper adapted to the social media era

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Vecer is a newspaper company who had a tough time adapting to the internet era. They had little to none digital impact and were desperate for a solution.

Social media marketing team were doing their job, but after spending hundreds of dollars in sponsored ads and getting no followers in return, they took a different approach.

A perfect partnership

They had already build an audience with the newspaper, our job was to make an Instagram one as well. We targeted local people who had already liked or followed similar profiles and in less than a month managed to build them a loyal and engaging audience consisting of few thousand followers.

‘Getting the first 1,000 followers was very hard for us and it was a goal that took many successful and unsuccessful marketing campaigns that lasted months. Influencers Club doubled that number in the first month!’

Upon subscribing to our service they no longer had to worry about their social media impact and could focus only on delivering news.

‘Not having to worry about our social media growth was a huge weight off our shoulders’ – member of their marketing team

Plans for the future

Vecer passed their milestone of 10,000 followers a lot faster than they had predicted. They recently decided to lock their future with our service and sign a year long contract, let’s see if we can reach that 20,000 followers milestone in the new 2019!




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